HydroHair – A Jeorge Napoleon Treatment

What do you do to make your hair perfect and not knotty?

I finally have the answer!

George who owns the company HydroHair came to visit Thompson Alchemists and saw me. He said, “go wash your hair so I can make your hair look gorgeous.”

He did!

He put his product in my hair using his fingers through every strand getting all of my knots out. Something you may not know that George thought me is that when you have curly hair you’re not supposed to comb or brush it, you have to get the knots out with your hands (if you have knots.)

His product is aloe based and it closes all the cuticles in your hair, it helps every strand to be healthy and perfect. If your one of those people (like me!) who always complains about hating your hair because it gets so frizzy this is definitely the product for you!

I have absolutely no frizz in any part of my hair!

It’s amazing my hair hasn’t looked this good since I was a baby!

You can find HydraHair at our Soho stores or on our website. ENJOY!