New Product Alert: HydroHair by Jeorge Napoleon

We always say, “trust a Hair Styling Expert with great hair”, so when it came to getting to know more about Style Expert Jeorge Napoleon’s new HydroHair haircare range, we were not going to miss it. The man has the most excellent head of hair, full of thick, beautiful curls, so naturally we want to know his secrets. As we’re also blessed with thick hair, we were really excited to get to know these new, hydrating hair product treatments at the absolutely stunning Hale Organic Salon in Tribeca.

HydroHair is a revolutionary 2-in-1 all natural treatment that changes everything about hair care. A leave-in restorative formula that brings much-needed hydration deep into lifeless, frayed follicles while keeping it in place, thanks to its formulation of vitamins and minerals that moisturizes and repairs your hair and scalp. Instead of using one product to style your hair and another to condition it, HydroHair lets you nourish and style your hair at the same time. While the range works wonderfully on all hair types, it works especially well with curly hair, making curls vibrant, shiny, and soft, with body and texture, greatly enhanced (check out some of the curly girls below showing off their hydrated and perfectly coiffed hair).

The aloe vera-based hair products not only moisturizes the hair and scalp, it activates new hair growth, cleanses the scalp by balancing its pH level, prevents hair loss, prevents dryness that often causes dandruff, and reduces Sebum build up. Your hair will be the stuff of dreams with this specially formulated aloe mask.

The HydroHair by Jeorge Napoleon hair products are available now and are sold on their website, in select UrbanOutfitters, and in salons across the United States. The product range currently includes HydroGel, HydroHair Aloe Shampoo, HydroColor Aloecoco Shampoo, HydroHair Aloecoco Shampoo, and HydroHair Aloe Mask and retails between $16.00 – $40.00.

New Product Alert: HydroHair by Jeorge Napoleon

Source: New Product Alert: HydroHair by Jeorge Napoleon