Recreate Jennifer Lopez’s Curly Shades of Blue Bob with These Tips from Her Hairstylist

We’re used to seeing J. Lo with a few distinct hairstyles — slicked ponytails, edgy topknots, sleek lobs, bouncy waves — but her natural texture? Not so much. Which is why we had to find out every detail on the curly bob that she’s debuting tonight on her new show, Shades of Blue.

Lopez’s hairstylist on the show, Juan Carlos Maciques, tells PeopleStyle that the 46-year-old star was totally into wearing her natural hair for the show.

“Playing a cop from New York, she wanted her look to be relatable, yet still sexy,” he says. “She was so embracing of her natural curls – she rarely wears her natural texture, so she loved it.”

And as relatable as the look is, it’s also super easy to achieve. Below, Maciques shares exactly what you need to get her naturally curly look.

1. Get the right cut
Maciques recommends a cut like Lopez’s, which is just above the shoulders with lots of layers. “It’ll create a lot of body and movement and bring out the natural curl,” he explains.

2. Apply leave-in conditioner
He first prepped her wet hair with HydroHair, a lightweight leave-in conditioner. “It doesn’t weigh the hair down and helps against the August humidity that we were filming in.”

3. Add a curl-enhancing mousse
Maciques then applied Shu Uemura’s curl activating mousse to accentuate Lopez’s curls and diminish frizz.

4. Dry with a diffuser
To dry her hair without adding extra fluff, he used a diffuser, which disperses the heat to keep her curls in place.

5. Shape with a curling iron
The last step, which Maciques says is the “key” to the look, is to smooth and define individual curls with a 1-inch curling iron. “I’d go through her hair and put the barrel of the curling around the shape of the curls so they’d really hold and stay in place,” he says.

6. Finish with hairspray
Maciques used L’Oréal Ellnett hairspray to keep Lopez’s strands in place all day.

And the most important secret to making it through a day of filming sans-frizz? Maciques says that throughout the day, he’d scrunch the leave-in conditioner into Lopez’s curls to keep them looking smooth.

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— Jillian Ruffo