The Beauty Secret You Thought You Knew: Why HydroHair Creates Great Products with REAL Ingredients

Mother Nature has always known what she is doing. Here long before us, there are a number of resources that she provides for many of our problems and aloe vera is definitely one of them. Dating back to ancient Egypt, this succulent has been used to treat multiple skin ailments and aid in hair health. So how did celebrity hairstylist, Jeorge Napoleon find out about it? Naturally, this beauty secret was passed down by his grandmother.

“At the beginning of my dream of creating natural, healthy, and effective hair products the first thing on my list was to use natural ingredients, especially aloe vera. I love aloe vera because when I was a small child I watched my grandmother use the plant to wash her beautiful hair but it took me many years to realize why she loves it so much. That was until I started researching and found out aloe is a natural hydrating agent, and brings moister, proteins, vitamins… You could almost call it the perfect food for your hair or the miracle plant for your hair.”

Immigrating from Ecuador to the United States, Jeorge went into the business of hair. After working nearly 3 decades in the beauty industry, with celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Leonardo DiCaprio (yeah, really) he realized it was missing something. Unlike other products that boast synthetic aloe vera as an ingredient, Napoleon created HydroHair, a line of products with 100% organic aloe vera as the main ingredient (it’s

the second ingredient right after water!) This is important because the natural nutrients aloe vera provides can be more readily absorbed by the scalp and processed by the body more efficiently.

“It was really important to me to find fresh aloe vera to be readily used in the products. That is why all of our aloe comes from right here, in the United States! You should love your natural hair, so why use anything fake?”

Harvesting an aloe vera plant for the HydroHair product line

From this main ingredient he created a line of products suitable for all hair types. His newest creation, HydroPlus, marries the benefits of aloe vera with Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil. Reducing irritation, flakiness, itchiness and the inflammation of your scalp, this product aides in hair growth and keeps your existing length healthy and shiny. Priced at $44, he dubs it “The Skincare for Your Hair”.


There’s a reason why celebrities love this secret of a brand. Natural, effective… what’s not love?