Aloe Conditioner

Aloe Hydrating conditioner

    This unique Aloe-based formula acts as a great moisturizer for the scalp and hair follicles. It contains over 20 Minerals and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, and E.
      Made with 100% Organic Aloe. Aloe cleanses, hydrates, and balances pH levels in the scalp, soothing your head while also protecting and repairing damaged hair with Amino Acids.
        The antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera soothe and relax your scalp by preventing the build-up of excess sebum, promoting new hair growth.
          HydroHair Aloe Conditioner is the Foundation for Healthy Hair!
            HydroHair Maximizes, Repairs, Rejuvenates, Moisturizes, and Soothes. Have happy, healthy, gorgeous natural hair - the HydroHair way!

              Customer Reviews

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              Missing an item in my order. Love your products!!!

              Hi! I wrote to you when I received my order , #2410, to say it was missing one of the HydroGels. I included the packing slip and a a photo of the items that arrived ( 4 items vs the ordered and paid for 5). I have yet to receive the missing hydrogel. Please, send! Thanks! 😊Also, I love the collapsible diffuser you sent this winter!! Is it possible to purchase an extra? Thanks so much! Your products are amazing!!

              Hydrating, long-term results

              After using this conditioner and the shampoo every time I washed my hair, I started to see a difference in the overall health of my hair. I used to use drugstore shampoos and conditioners, and I didn't understand why my hair was so dry and damaged. This conditioner is free of any sulfates, parabens, silicones, or carcinogens (check out lawsuits with popular brands) and makes my hair feel strong and healthy. Highly recommend.


              Love this product

              I use this every day

              Lighweight but moisturizing. Has a clean feeling and doesn’t weigh down my hair.

              I love this conditioner

              I find this light but very effective. Nothing else I've applied to wet hair has worked so well

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