Color-safe Aloecoco Shampoo

    This unique Aloecoco formula, with amino acids, makes hair soft without any trace of dryness or frizz. The best thing about Aloe Vera is that it does not leave the greasy buildup that many hair care products often leave behind.
      Made with 100% Organic Aloe and Amino Acids. Aloe cleanses, hydrates, and balances pH levels in the scalp, soothing your head while also protecting and repairing damaged hair with Amino Acids.
        The antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera soothe and relax your scalp by preventing the build-up of excess sebum, promoting new hair growth.
          HydroColor Aloecoco Shampoo is the Foundation for Healthy Hair!
            HydroHair Maximizes, Repairs, Rejuvenates, Moisturizes, and Soothes. Have happy, healthy, gorgeous natural hair, the HydroHair way!

              Customer Reviews

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              Hale Salon
              It adds protein to your hair!!

              If your hair needs protein, it will strengthen your hair!!

              CHERYL MUNICK
              My hair loves this

              I had found my wavy/curly hair becoming really dry. I love these products they really agree was my hair.