Leave-in styling mask


HydroCurl: the leave-in styling hair mask with extra hold. This modern formula helps define your curls and control frizz while keeping your hair silky and vibrant. It will keep your curls in control and looking great all day.

Our unique Aloe based formula restores damaged hair, making curls radiant, youthful and full of life. Curls become vibrant, shiny and soft, while body and texture are greatly enhanced!

      Customer Reviews

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      Suzanne Dito
      My curls are back!

      Amazing product that moisturizes your hair and holds your curls! Not sticky or stiff, either!

      Karen McKenna
      Did not receive!!!!!!

      Please review my order and contact me. I did not receive this order!!!

      Sylvia Lockhart
      Great hold, texture, and nontoxic!

      I have shoulder-length curly hair and use 3-4 pumps in my microfiber towel-damp dried hair. I avoid the roots, but massage it in for a good minute or two like they suggested. It holds great for a few days with a little water to refresh it everyday. Not sticky, crunchy, nor heavy for my thick but fine-textured hair. Love the ingredients and performance of product! I can tell they tried to troubleshoot every problem with other curly hair products. Thank you for such a well-thought out product for curly hair!

      Makes my curls super defined but not too crunchy

      This mask is a perfect balance between having good hold to make curls defined and not being too "crunchy." My hair still feels super healthy afterward and I feel good using it knowing it's free of any harsh chemicals or sulfates. I also use the HydroHair mask, both of them are great, this one just gives me a more defined look while the other is more relaxed. Highly recommend


      I ordered the hydrocurl product, but never received it in the package that was delivered. I was only given 3 small samples. I attempted to contact the company in regard to this on 2 separate occasions, but still have not received follow up. I like the sample I received, but given this experience I am unlikely to reorder.